5 Irresistible Lead Magnets to Fill Your Pipeline with MQLs

Blog content is good for attracting people to your website. But if you want to convert the right people, blog content is only one piece of the puzzle. Cue in lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a valuable, usually free asset that businesses use to collect a potential customer’s email address, phone number, or other contact detail. Lead magnets, however, are not just for collecting prospect’s data as they can also be used to qualify and segment leads.

Why Qualify Leads

There are a couple of reasons. First, many leads slip out of the funnel along the way. One reason they fail to reach the conversion stage is that they are nurtured with the wrong content. Second, it allows you to segment your leads according to the content they sign up for. This is very useful if you work with customers across various industries. Third, segmentation enables you to approach the lead based on where their head is at.

Lead Magnets for B2B Companies

B2B customers are more marketing savvy. They know what marketers are doing to collect personal information. With no item of value to exchange for their contact details, they just wouldn’t give it away like that easily, especially if you are someone they barely know. And let’s be real, receiving marketing emails and phone calls is not something all of us are excited about.

An irresistible lead magnet can fill the gap. With lead magnets, you are giving an incentive to your prospect in exchange for a space in their inbox. This is also your chance to impress (or advertise to) them.

High-Converting B2B Lead Magnets

What makes a high-converting lead magnet? B2B lead magnets have these elements:

  • Solves an actual pain point
  • Promises one success
  • Delivers a specific offer
  • High perceived value
  • Gives instant access

5 Best Lead Magnets for B2B Companies

Scrap newsletters! You need something with a higher perceived value. Check out these lead magnets to supercharge your stream of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for your business:

1. Quizzes

The average capture rate of quizzes made with quiz maker LeadQuizzes is 33.6%, which is quite high. Quizzes are popular for their entertainment and educational value; that’s why people love them. Before they can view or get their quiz results, you can ask for their email address.

Quizzes are best used at the top of the funnel to make segmentation so much easier using qualifying questions. They are not easy to pull off in a B2B setting. But if done right, it can bring in tons of MQLs.

2. Product demos

Product demos are a common practice for as-a-service companies. Prospects who take the time to jump on a call with you to know how your product works mean they are interested in what you are selling. This makes them easier to convert later, especially if they find your product can be instrumental in the success of their business.

3. Webinars

With what’s going on around the world these days, now is an opportune time to take advantage of webinars. Use it to connect with leads and prospects on a safer, more personal level. You have a few ways to capture emails with webinars. One is through the registration form. Other than that, you can also keep a video or audio recording or a show note of the webinar so you can promote it again to those who missed it.

However, hosting a webinar can be laborious and expensive, so take that in mind.

4. Downloadables

Good old downloadable content is still one of the most popular lead magnets. It does not cost much, and it’s the easiest to create. Downloadable content could come in the form of an ebook, whitepaper, buyer’s guide, case study, or content upgrade (which is my next point).

5. Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is bonus content that you offer to your website visitors. It’s essentially downloadables on steroids; it’s more value-packed. A content upgrade is usually closely related to the content the visitor is consuming, so it’s more targeted than a site-wide ebook lead magnet.

The best converting content upgrades are ebooks, which are a mere mash-up of existing pieces of content in PDF. Sometimes expanded, other times bundled up.


Lead magnets, without a doubt, should be part of your content strategy. They are the most effective for filling your pipeline with high-quality MQLs.

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